Welcome to The Perfect Peace

Welcome to The Perfect Peace

A little about myself and how The Perfect Peace came about.....I have always been crafty and loved to be creative. I joined art camps any chance I had, and had art supplies coming out the wazoo. LOL

In 1988, as just a 9 year old little girl, I made my first piece of jewelry for my Mom. She loved it and wore it proudly. She got so many compliments on the necklace, that she encouraged me to continue to be creative and share my “art” with people. Growing up, my parents fertilized the hippie side of me, supported everything I did and always taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to. They continued to encourage me to be unique and “just be ME” 

I always had a dream to find the love of my life, become a mom who could stay home and support her children and always be there for them...and sometime along the way, one day own my own boutique.

Throughout life, my dreams have come true. I married my best friend, have two wonderful kids and in 2014 The Perfect Peace became official. Over the years I have continued to create jewelry while adding giftable items, custom apparel and boutique clothing.

Now I share my art and my dream with you.
I’d like to personally thank you all for the support and love!