6oz Tin Candles

6oz Tin Candles

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Can't decide which fragrance to purchase? Or do you need a candle that's just the right size for a small room or bathroom? 

These 6oz Tin Candles are PERFECT and can be made to order!

Fragrance Descriptions:

Spring Breeze: Better than febreze! 

Devil Donuts: Nobody shi* roses, this is the perfect bathroom candle that really does smell like a fresh bouquet of roses.

Your Boyfriend: That smell as your hubby or boyfriend pulls you in for a big hug.

Laundry Day: The great smell of when you pull clean clothes out of the washing machine.  

By The Ocean: Even though we can't go anywhere for spring break, it doesn't mean that we still can't have the amazing smell of the beach close to us.

Lemon Martini: This is for all you ladies that love those Friday night out with your girlfriends!